Making the Most of St. Patrick´S Day


Yes, St. Patrick´s Day has come and gone but the meals kept coming.

St. Patrick´s Day landed nicely on a Friday this year. Both the kids were in school, which meant that my husband and I could enjoy a lunch out to ourselves. We decided we would head to O´Leary´s in Brookline, MA. We had been there several times previously. My favorite foods to order at O´Leary´s are the Guinness beef stew (the best meal on the menu!!) and the seafood stuffed mushrooms. Sadly, the seafood stuffed mushrooms are no longer on the menu. While those are my go to options, my husband and I opted to share a bowl of soup and fish and chips (Dublin style) since we were having another Irish inspired meal in the evening. As an aside, I love O´Leary´s and give it a four Om star rating.

That evening we had the traditional Irish American corned beef and cabbage. This is one of my son´s favorite meals. The meal is made even more mouthwatering by cooking the corned beef in Guinness over several hours. It was a meal worth savoring.

With corned beef on our minds and a sale on it at Whole Foods, we decided we would make Reuben sandwiches (invented in the USA) the following day. Naturally we would have used the corned beef from leftovers but there wasn´t enough beef for everyone. The Reuben sandwiches in our house never disappoint. If interested, I would be happy to share ingredients and cooking instructions.

After almost a week, my husband and I finished our St. Patrick´s Day meal leftovers. While the beef had been consumed long ago, we indulged in the remaining Guinness stewed carrots, potatoes, and cabbage.

Onto the next holiday…



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