Finding Balance in the Trump Era

From my own global zen-infused perspective, Americans should be concerned about creating an inclusive country where we all lift each other up and aim to live peacefully. While this scenario may not seem plausible, especially under this administration, I have chosen to strike a balance between staying informed and not driving myself mad. Honestly, it hasn´t been easy. Just ask my husband.

As we experience the Trump Era, I suggest to focus on the positive; whether it is your family, friends, work, or having a roof over your head. There is at least one thing that makes us feel better, even if it is just hope. Let that light shine brightly on each day, even when there seems to be another blow to humanity. The positive perspective eases the sting of the negative. I am not asking you to normalize Trump´s behavior or actions just to find something positive to get you through the day.

I choose to focus on my children. They exhibit love and hope, especially my youngest. I cherish their innocence along with their ability to live in the moment, see life´s beauty and newness in a way many adults no longer see or interact with the world. Watching my daughter sing and dance and my son study maps, countries, and cultures melt my heart. A much appreciated pick-me-up to any day.

I have also found solace in the many Americans and international populations who are mobilizing across the world to protest hateful, dangerous, exclusionary rhetoric. Participating on a international, national, or community level to bring awareness to the varying concerns may provide a sense of progress and unity. While we may not sway certain decisions under the Trump regime, we all are capable of bringing awareness to these issues and finding a community willing to resist hate, promote peace, protect people and our environment.

Parting suggestions for seeking balance:

  • Focus on the positive
  • Remind and reflect on the good
  • Use the negitivity to create awarness of injustices
  • Take action; as easy as writing your community or state representatives
  • Practice mindfulness through meditation
  • Create and surround yourself with a supportive community
  • Stay mentally strong
  • Seek the calm during the storm 😉

Hope this helps, friends. Feel free to contact me with any questions and suggestions that work for you.

Wishing zen and balance to all during these times…





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