Salivating Burrata and Black Truffle

My family was in Montreal from the end of December to the beginning of January. It was a trip to catch up with dear friends and feast on heavenly food. Our wintry stay consistently served up a number of family friendly activities and delectable cuisines: Iraqi, French, Korean, Lebanese, and Italian. It was a holiday of the senses.

While every meal was notable, our dinner on New Year´s Eve stood out the most. We went to Bevo Bar + Pizzeria, an upscale Italian eatery that was serving wood-fired pizza. Deciding on the restaurant was easy, we wanted something that was kid friendly for the holiday and the menu included a pizza with Italian imported burrata and black truffles. Normally, we don´t shell out that much for a pizza, but the opportunity to have burrata and black truffles was not worth missing.

When the server brought the pizza to our table, our mouths were already salivating. The burrata cheese stole the show. Don´t get me wrong, the black truffles were divine and definitely something everyone should try during their lifetime. Back to the burrata…it was the most decadent, heavenly, creamiest cheese I have had in my life. Hands down! Cliché as it may be, an absolute party in my mouth. The unfolding layers of cream and texture were unfathomable and unforgettable.

My mouth is currently watering 🙂 I´m already looking forward to the next time we have burrata cheese. With that said, if you see burrata cheese and black truffles on a menu or in a gourmet shop, and are certain they are the real deal, I would highly recommend spending the extra money for a culinary explosion of the senses.


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