Holiday Meals

Christmas Eve was nearing and my family still had not decided on what meal we would make to celebrate the holiday. In fact, nobody seemed to care as much as me. I like to mark holidays with mouthwatering meals. It was a typical week where we run to various stores and ultimately scan the Whole Foods flyer. Luckily for us, there were many items going on sale the night before Christmas Eve for procrastinators like us 😉

We had just gotten off a few weeks of holiday/dinner parties which meant that we had overindulged in appetizers, sweets, and alcohol. We had also consumed more meat than usual. By the time Christmas Eve rolled around, we all wanted something light and healthy yet packed with flavor. In the end, we opted for purchasing and sautéing wild caught Gulf shrimp, organic mushrooms, organic onions and organic garlic in organic coconut oil and seasoned with fresh lemon, black pepper, and dill. We also boiled fresh sugar snap peas as a side. The meal was exquisite and in the end ticked all of our culinary boxes.

While last minute preparations don´t work for everyone, it can be done. If you´re not preparing a large meal for a group of people, finding the right foods at the right time can bring immeasurable amounts of joy and satiation. Cheers!


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  1. finallyfinn says:

    Your blog posts make me hungry!


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