Guacamole: Easy, Healthy, and Packed With Flavor

On the hunt for an easy, healthy, flavorful snack, possibly in time for the Super Bowl?! Guacamole is a winner all the way around! Who doesn´t love a fresh, healthy dip? In addition to being delicious and the main ingredient in guacamole, avocados provide a number of health benefits.

Making the Trek to Myer´s Bagels

It was an early morning, we were driving from Montreal back to Boston. We left Montreal early so my son could attend a friend´s birthday party back home. This meant leaving the hotel without breakfast. Not a problem. We planned to stop in Burlington, Vermont for a scrumptious, locally sourced meal. Fun fact: the city of Burlington runs 100 % on renewable energy. Another reason to love Burlington!

Quesadilla, anyone?

Want a delicious meal packed with protein?! Making a quesadilla is one of the easiest meals to make. Creativity goes a loooooooong way!

Salivating Burrata and Black Truffle

My family was in Montreal from the end of December to the beginning of January. It was a trip to catch up with dear friends and feast on heavenly food. Our wintry stay consistently served up a number of family friendly activities and delectable cuisines: Iraqi, French, Korean, Lebanese, and Italian. It was a holiday of the senses.

Making Sushi at Home

In the mood for sushi? Don´t want to spend money eating out? Worried about fake, mislabeled fish sold in US sushi restaurants? I know, making sushi sounds daunting and even impossible for some. The good news is that the preparation is not arduous and the end result is mouth watering 🙂

Holiday Meals

Christmas Eve was nearing and my family still had not decided on what meal we would make to celebrate the holiday. In fact, nobody seemed to care as much as me. I like to mark holidays with mouthwatering meals. It was a typical week where we run to various stores and ultimately scan the Whole Foods flyer. Luckily for us, there were many items going on sale the night before Christmas Eve for procrastinators like us 😉

New Year, New You! Out with the Old and in with the Zen.

Want to be a healthier you in 2017?! Like some, 2016 may have been a difficult year. Did you overindulge during the holidays; too many sweets, snacks, and drinks?

The good news is 2016 is over and 2017 is a clean slate! If the thought of eating healthier and exercising feels overwhelming, start slowly. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store for fresh and real food. Start a workout regimen that is within reach and something that you enjoy. The key to success is determination and overall enjoyment.

Upscale Authentic Mexican Cuisine in the Heart of Waltham

I recently took my family to Amuleto Mexican Table in Waltham, MA. My husband wanted to have authentic Mexican food for his celebratory birthday meal, particularly a heavenly mole sauce. Finding authentic Mexican food can be hard to find in the area and especially on the East Coast; nonetheless, Amuleto Mexican Table proved to be a perfect place for authentic cuisine with a modern twist.